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Harry's Journey
by JoAnna S. Stauffer

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This book is about the life of Harry A. Stauffer, the author's grandfather on her father's side. It tells about his childhood, his baptism, his marriage, and many other important events in his life. I like this book because it is full of love, warmth and excitement. The story really draws you into it. One reason I kept reading was because I wanted to find out what would happen next. For example, when Harry loved a woman named Magdalena, and another person was spending time with her, I wanted to find out if harry would marry her or not. I knew that in real life things don't always work out the way we want them to, and I wondered if God had another plan for Harry (if you want to find out what happened, you'll have to read the book). A lot of times, there were words I didn't know the meaning of. Also, there are some sad parts. To me, this book shows that even if you are a normal person you can have adventure. I would suggest reading this book.

House Calls And Hitching Posts
by Dorcas Sharp Hoover

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This is a biography of Dr. Elton Lehman's career as a country doctor to the people of and surrounding Mount Eaton, Ohio. He received the country doctor of the year award after years of service. The books contains many interesting stories from his life. Many of his patients were Amish, adding a further depth of interest to the stories. I recommend this book.

Over The Top
by Jonathan Van Ness

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I enjoyed the raw honesty of the writer

Coronavirus and Christ
by John Piper

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This book was written in March 2020, earlier on in the Coronavirus Pandemic. This book is not a discussion about masks versus no masks. It is not a book considering the politics of pandemics. This book attempts to present the relationship between God, people in general, Christians in particular, and the Coronavirus under two main headings: 1) The God Who Reigns over the Coronavirus; and 2) What is God Doing through the Coronavirus. John Piper does not attempt to put forward a new idea, but rather draws upon the teachings, examples and history found in Holy Scripture to provide a healthy perspective, a rational hope, and a good path for his readers in these times. I found this book interesting all the way through.

John Bunyan's Poetry Divine Emblems
by John Bunyan

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This book was worth reading. John Bunyan took mundane items in life and produces lessons for young and old using the medium of poetry. Bunyan is not a great poet, but he is sufficient. He shines in the use of allegory, and demonstrates that once again in this collection of poems. John Bunyan was a Christian minister in England in the 1600s. These poems were written for the profit of the souls of the young, though they continue to be of worth to all ages.

by Brian Jaques

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This book, the second one written after Redwall, is the prequel to that story. In both books, the characters are all animals, but they act like humans. Mossflower tells the story of how the forest in which the animals live was freed from the rule of a wildcat queen and her army. The main characters are Martin the Warrior, Gonff, a mouse-thief, and Young Dinny, a mole. This book was exciting, funny, and an engaging story. So if you like badgers, mice, moles, cats, and an adventure, you will like this book.

The Marvelous Journey Of Edward Tulane
by Kate Dicamillo

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This book was interesting. It was sentimental, but not overly sentimental. The characters Edward met in his long journey were well written and added to the story. The chapters with Sarah Ruth were tear-jerkers (or at least almost were). I read this book to my children. Both they and I enjoyed it and looked forward to reading the next chapters as we read each evening.

The Water Dancer Kindle Books
by Tanehisi Coates

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Although I enjoyed the book overall, there were parts of the book that were slow and difficult to get through. The ending also left me wanting for more.

Exodus 1947
by Ruth Gruber

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Very powerful piece of history.

Almost Super
by Marion Jensen

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The main character's family are superheroes and they fight against another family whom they think are the villains. The other family thinks the main character's family are the villains. In the book, Rafter (the main character), his brother Benny, and a girl from the other family team up and figure out who the real villains are. One reason I love this book are all the funny parts. Another reason is how exciting it is. So if you like an exciting and hilarious book about superheroes, then this is the book for you.

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